Simplifying PLM

Manage Complexity with Simplified PLM

Deliver increasingly complex products while maximizing productivity and streamlining operations

Teamcenter provides a single environment for performing product design and assembly process plan.

All About PLM, Simplified

  • Product lifecycle management (PLM) can bring together all the product information and processes you need in one centralized systems
  • Take a systems-driven approach to product development to unify your product lifecycle
  • With PLM, you can weave a digital thread through ideation, realization and utilization

Start With PLM

Manage mechanical, electronics, software and simulation data in a single environment

  • Teamcenter helps to take control of your multi-CAD and multi-domain design processes
  • Access, assemble and re-use your company’s valuable intellectual property
  • Validate the quality and completeness of design data before release to manufacturing

Manage product documents and technical publications

  • Teamcenter provides easy-to-use document management and technical authoring and publishing tools to optimize documentation
  • Helps to establish a single source of product development knowledge for creating and managing documents

Manage the BOM and its configuration

  • Eliminate the need for standalone spreadsheets and systems
  • Flexible BOM definition helps to manage configurations and quickly refresh product lines to meet customer demands

Manage PLM Processes

  • Reduce the manual effort and cost of managing any PLM process
  • Leverage project management and workflow capabilities to effectively manage change
  • Synchronize and integrate change processes across all product domains to implement change quickly, accurately and comprehensively

Extend Value of PLM

Incorporate the voice of customer into your products

  • Reduce time and effort with a single source for generating and managing requirement documents
  • Improve quality by linking requirements to functional, logical and physical implementation so as to verify and validate requirements are met
  • Ensure compliance by defining, managing and tracing customer requirements across the entire product lifecycle

Improve service operations

  • Establish a single knowledge base to support service and product engineering while improving service operations
  • Create and manage detailed, accurate service plans and documentation

Connect engineering with manufacturing

  • Shifting market demand, increasing competitive pressures and resource constraints require you to continuously improve manufacturing processes
  • Manage business processes, from the early stages of design to the actual production launch with Teamcenter
  • Better manage lifecycle costs, be more productive across multiple domains and maintain product quality targets

Collaborate with suppliers around the world

  • Teamcenter enables suppliers and OEMs to work collaboratively using accurate, up-to-date information
  • Brings more visibility to supplier performance while reducing administrative labor costs spent dealing with data exchange issues

Transform Business

Improve product quality

  • Increase quality by collecting issues from sales and marketing through design engineering to production
  • Enables smarter decisions across the global enterprise

Align cost management with product development

  • Teamcenter provides you with a complete set of tools for managing costing throughout the development and manufacturing processes
  • Teamcenter helps support your cost model across all corporate functions

Create sustainable products and comply with regulations

  • Teamcenter minimize errors and re-work by automating the supplier material and substance declaration request process
  • Reduce the risk of noncompliance by enabling compliance grading and reporting

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