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Take a look at how Simcenter (NX CAE) accelerates and streamlines CAE with new and enhanced capabilities:

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Predictive Engineering Analytics

  • Evolve your engineering processes from a verification-centric approach to a more predictive approach by implementing efficient multidisciplinary simulation processes
  • A strong alignment between 1D simulation, 3D computer-aided engineering (CAE), controls development, design exploration, data analytics and physical testing
  • Build and maintain the digital twin required for realistic full product performance prediction
  • Help drive your product designs faster than before, resulting in better, less expensive and more reliable products

What’s New: Supporting Generative Design

  • Generative Design is a collection of algorithmic tools and techniques to create or modify feasible product designs
  • Simcenter 3D helps you create and analyze designs within a Generative Design Process
  • Convergent Modeling™ refers to the ability to edit faceted bodies as if they were typical, boundary representation (b-rep) bodies in CAD.
  • Simcenter 3D now exposes Convergent Modeling within the CAE environment and gives you the ability to bring legacy FE mesh data to life.
  • Turn mesh data into a convergent body, which you can then edit and morph into new geometry, remesh and then re-analyze faster.
  • Let analysts consider a deeper level of inputs into the shapes they generate.
  • Analysts can consider things like multiple load cases, manufacturing constraints, and where to best use lattice structures in the part.
  • Designers and engineers can then edit the resulting shape from topology optimization through the use of Convergent Modeling for a faster end-to-end process.
  • Simcenter 3D can be used in connection with HEEDS for design exploration and generative design processes
  • The portal from HEEDS will drive Simcenter 3D to make any necessary parameter changes to your analysis models to that simulations can be run and iterated to explore and achieve the defined design objectives.

Best-in-class Analysis Modeling

Simcenter (NX CAE) delivers all the advanced meshing, boundary conditions and solver interfaces that are needed to conduct high-end analysis. What makes Simcenter (NX CAE) different from all other preprocessors is its superior geometry foundation – Synchronous Technology

Synchronous Technology

  • Enables intuitive, direct geometry editing
  • Coupling that with an analysis model to design geometry associativity
  • Tight integration of a powerful geometry engine with robust analysis modeling commands is the key to reducing modeling time by up to 70 percent

Multidiscipline Simulation and Optimization

Simcenter (NX CAE) simulation solutions available include structural, thermal, flow, motion, optimization and multiphysics analyses.

Simulation Solutions

  • With the integration of these solutions, engineering departments can standardize their tools on a single platform, which lowers training costs and streamlines coupled and multiphysics analysis workflows.
  • No error-prone and time-consuming data transfers between software tools

Systems-level Modeling and Simulation

Engineers are continually seeking to better understand product performance at the whole systems level, and Simcenter (NX CAE) delivers methods that enable easier systems simulation.

FE Assembly Models

  • Simcenter (NX CAE) manages large FE models
  • Simcenter (NX CAE) uses a multi-level hierarchical structure, to efficiently build and manage large analysis model assemblies
  • This allow engineers to rapidly build FE assembly models simply by referencing and instancing separate FE components

Simulation Data And Process Management

Simcenter (NX CAE) seamlessly integrates with the simulation process management module of Teamcenter.

Simulation Data Management

  • Implement a complete environment for managing CAE data, processes and workflow as part of a wider product development environment.
  • Reduces wasted time by promoting re-use of existing designs and engineering knowledge
  • Synchronizes simulation with design and makes simulation results readily accessible for data mining, visualization and reporting

Simulation-Driven Design

Simcenter (NX CAE) has proven to be a time-and cost-effective alternative to physical testing – allowing more design options to be considered in shorter time frames.

  • Simcenter (NX CAE) simulation capabilities easily scale to a designer’s environment and expertise level, while still providing the same trusted simulation technology used by expert analysts

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