Product Design


Builds on the breakthrough technology of previous releases to deliver a set of refined
tools that will help you take innovation to the next level.

Take a look at how NX CAD Design accelerates and streamlines CAD wth new and enhanced capabilities:

Transform Product Engineering

  • Integrated product design solution that streamlines and accelerates the product development process for engineers who need to deliver innovative products in a collaborative environment

  • NX Computer-Aided Design (CAD) offers the highest level of integration between development disciplines in an open, collaborative environment

Convergent Modeling

Many industries use scanned 3D data as part of their design processes. Irregular shapes in particular require extensive reverse engineering so that they can be used for 3D printing, mold design, analysis or other uses.

Convergent Modeling

  • Reduces the need for rework by bringing the scanned data in as facets, so there is no need to map surfaces, create solids, or do any other manual shape creation.
  • Represents a huge savings in time and cost and eliminates the error-prone rework phase.
  • A critical tool for creating facet shapes more quickly and with fewer errors than other solutions.

Synchronous Technology

A breakthrough innovation in CAD direct modeling that delivers faster idea capture, faster design changes, improved use of multi-CAD data, and unprecedented ease of use.

Synchronous Technology For 2D CAD

  • Working with layouts, drawings, and other 2D design data has never been easier. Use NX with synchronous technology to accelerate creation and editing of 2D designs, including data created with other CAD systems

Synchronous Technology for 3D Modeling

  • NX with synchronous technology allows you to create and edit 3D models with unparalleled speed and ease, even using models created with other CAD systems

NX Concept Design

NX Realize Shape

  • An intuitive subdivision design tool that uses simple shape manipulation to create high-quality B-surfaces, NX Realize Shape is easy to use and more capable than ever

NX Layout

  • 2D concept design tool that supports fast, intuitive concept design with full NX integration and easy adaptation to 3D

NX FreeForm Modeling

  • Versatile, integrated toolset combines 2D, 3D, curve, surface, solid, parametric and synchronous modeling for fast and easy shape creation and editing

NX Shape analysis and Validation Tools

  • Ensure the integrity, quality and manufacturability of your design

NX Drafting and Documentation

  • Quickly and efficiently create 2D layouts and engineering drawings with highly productive tools that are optimzied for 2D and hybrid 2D/3D workflows.

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