Top-notch Standard Solution for NC Milling

Reduce Your Machine Cycle Time By 20% With Just 7 CLICKS!

Simulates your post-processed NC Code, check for collision, and automatically optimized your NC Code by amending any collision toolpath, vary feedrate accordingly and removing any air cut. All in 1 minute.

PROVEN Top-notch standard for NC milling

  • NCBrain was released in 2003 and has been supplied
    to more than 1,700 customers with 7,000 seats, including Samsung, LG, Hyundai, KIA, Toyota, Honda and Mahindra(India).
  • A CAM-neutral solution, it does not matter what CAM solution you are using, NCBrain only needs your post-processed NC Code to do collision verification and optimization.

NCBrain Effect

What is NCBrain?

How does it improve your machining cycle?

Collision Verification

  • There is too many likely collision between stock, parts & holder in simultaneous 5 axis & tilting 3+2 axis. CAM Programmers might not be able to check on all of these possibilities
  • NCBrain guarantees machine safety of collision prevention by real simulation before machining

Toolpath addition on overload area

  • Prevents damage to the tool or machine and load, this ensures safety of unmanned machining

Aircut path deletion

  • Minimizes cutting time, generates toolpath without worrying aircut path in 3axis & 5axis CAM job

Automatic Optimized Feed Speed

  • Control best feedrate by cutting load in simultaneous 5 axis, Minimizes tool wear, breakage and cutting time. This picture shows feedrate control by cutting load.

What does it mean to you?

Faster machining cycle

  • Exceed your customer expectation and meet your project deadline with optimized NC Code

​Tool length info & division

  • According to the tool length, minor and major accidents can happen all the time. NCBrain shows optimal length information after 1 simulation. So fast and safe machining can be done simply

Unmanned production & reduced tooling cost

  • You can sleep well in the night knowing that there will be no collision with the optimized NC Code, increasing your unmanning production level
  • Tool usage and breakage will be reduced with improved machining cycle and collision verification


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