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World-leading CAE Product For The Plastic Injection Molding Industry

World-leading CAE Product For The Plastic Injection Molding Industry

Take a look at how Moldex3D helps to make quick and informed decisions in the early design phase:

More Streamlined Simulations Faster Turnaround Times

  • Moldex3D R16.0 offers enhanced performance, accuracy and better usability to streamline simulation workflow and provide faster turnaround times with added efficiency.
  • Its high compatibility and adaptability have provided users with instant connection to mainstream CAD systems, generating a flexible simulation-driven design platform.



  • Due to more and more electronics are featuring with lightweight, small size, high power and high efficiency, the miniaturization trend has posed great challenges on plastic electronic parts
  • More time and costs are spent on meeting high precision requirements

How can Moldex3D help electronics industry

  • Designed to enable users to simulate and verify complex processes with a true 3D technology
  • Moldex3D can provide complex injection molding process simulations, including conformal cooling, hot runner, multiple component molding, gas-assisted injection molding, etc
  • These advanced simulation tools empower designers, molders and manufacturers in electronics industry to make critical design decisions for reducing development costs, time to market and quickly optimizing product ROI

Automotive Industry


  • Automotive Industry is under time-to-market pressure, but also faced with more complex design challenges including fuel economy and material savings.
  • As more and more plastics have been chosen as the preferred alternative, optimizing plastics injection molding processes is essential for automakers to remain competitive in the industry

How can Moldex3D help automotive industry

  • Designed for auto manufacturers and design engineers to simulate and verify complex auto parts/molds based on true 3D technology
  • Auto designers or makers are able to manage the life cycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacturing. This helps component designers or suppliers to get rid of most potential problems in early stage
  • Visualization of the entire injection molding processes of auto parts allows users to obtain solutions more efficiently

Medical Industry


  • Development of plastic application in prosthetic device and invasive surgical instrument has drawn lots of attention due to its cost-effectiveness and better antiseptic
  • Many medical devices are manufactured in multi-cavity injection molding to increase productivity. It is critical to have all cavities fill uniformly to ensure even products quality and high yield rate
  • Traditionally, trial-and-error method is employed to test and verify design. However, it results in long product manufacturing cycle time and high production costs​

How can Moldex3D help Medical industry

  • During pre-development stage, the mold has not been manufactured yet, and engineers can use the simulation tool to verify their designs such as potential short shot and weld line locations
  • Users can use simulation tool to compare many different designs such as number of gates, runner system and cooling system layouts by generating iterated simulation run to achieve the optimized design without wasting time and money on trial-and-error experimental methods.

Consumer Products Industry


  • The applications of plastics have extended far beyond daily products
  • Plastics are ubiquitous in our daily lives and play a vital role in consumer products industry
  • However, consumer products manufacturers will have to ensure their success by making a quick response to constant challenges such as mass production, product quality variation, material savings and time-to-market.

How can Moldex3D help Consumer Products industry

  • Moldex3D Solution is capable of shortening product design cycle and saving production cost based on the fidelity and robustness of 3D numerical solutions
  • Industry designers or manufacturers are able to detect potential problems in early design stages
  • Moldex3D simulation tools also offer various methods to reduce product variation and optimize processes
  • The visualization of the full injection molding process gives users the insights on products and the ability of design validation

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